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            Contact Number
          +86 020-32638909    

                Guangzhou Golden South Company Limited was founded in 2009. After many years steady development, Golden South has became the international advanced expert of rubber & plastic magnet, and became the one-stop manufacturer of micro-motor parts. Golden South is also development and production base of Guangdong province precision alloy. Nowadays, Golden South is the all-weather supplier which is supplying the high quality products and best services with competitive price to more than 600 clients all of the world.
                Golden South is a technology research and development enterprise and recognized as Guangdong province High-tech enterprise with several product patents. We had found a complete management system, and had gotten the certification of ISO9001, ISO14001, QC080000, IATF16949, B/T29490, the products had passed the UL certification. All raw materials and production processes are environmentally friendly, can meet the standard of SGS test and ROHS, can pass the SONY's Green Partner (GP) certification.

        Micro-motor Magnets

        Injection Molding Magnets

        Powder metallurgy precision components

        Absorber Material

        Metal Powder Core

        Flexible NdFeB Magnet